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klainalysis: Picture of Kurt Hummel holding a canary cage while talking to Blaine Anderson.  Characters are from the US TV show Glee (kurt and pavarotti)

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Name:Kurt and Blaine for the overly enthusiastic.
Location:Lima, Ohio, United States of America
Website:klainalysis @ LJ
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Welcome to [community profile] klainalysis!

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[community profile] klainalysis is a private community for a group of friends (and friends of friends) to post and analyse about the Fox show Glee, with an emphasis on the Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson ship.

This is a Dreamwidth version of the LiveJournal community [info]klainalysis.

If you want to join the community please:
One - request membership to the community.
Two - post a comment here, together with the name of an existing member who will vouch for you.

If you fail to leave a comment you membership request will automatically be rejected.

The idea is we want to keep the community fairly small with people who share common philosophies about the show; hence the need for a moderated membership. All comments are screened


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glee, having the sexuality of a baby penguin
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